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A record of, and for, the descendants of George CLENDON (1760/1- 1839) cinque port pilot, of Deal, Kent, England, husband of Elizabeth Chitty, father of George II (1798-1887) who emigrated to USA, (350 descendants),  James Reddy (1802-1872) who emigrated to New Zealand and was asignatory to the treaty of Waitangi (1,220 descendants),  Rebecca (1804-1899) m. William Lott Howard emigrated to New Zealand (680 descendants) and 11 other children!

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The Clendon family tree  represents the cumulative work of many people over the years. The original research was conducted by  Erik Chitty in conjunction with my grandfather Douglas Clendon and Bette Edwards. In 1974  1,000 copies of the Chitty - Clendon family tree were circulated. Following the private publication of the book "The Clendons" in 1997, by my father Ryland Clendon,  I decided to put the family tree on the web. This makes it freely accessible throughout the world.  I am personally  indebted to Beverly Keats for her help in computerizing and updating the records,  I know she has been helped by Philipa Holmes, Warwick Empson and others. Shelley Fitness, Craig Lockwood and Diana Whitefield Martin have also greatly assisted me. Even so doubtlessly there are still gaps and errors in the records. Please accept my apologies for any offence this may cause.  Corrections and updates can very easily be made, indeed I welcome them! This is a record of the family tree which is growing and should not get out of date! This website  was last updated 11 July 2003 and will be updated again in three months time.
Rebecca Clendon 1804-1899 wife of William Lott Howard George II Clendon (1798-1887) James Reddy Clendon, New Zealand pioneer Elizabeth Chitty second wife of George Clendon I (1760/1-1839) mother of amongst others George II, Rebecca & James Reddy George Clendon I ( 1760/1-1839) father of James Reddy (1800-1872)  & George II (1798-1887) & Rebecca Howard nee Clendon, our common ancestor!
Rebecca George II James Reddy Elizabeth Chitty George I - the pilot
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