4. James Reddy CLENDON (photo) was born on 1 Oct 1800 in Deal, Kent, England. He was baptised on 22 Oct 1800 in Deal, Kent, England. He died on 24 Oct 1872 in Rawene, Hokianga, NZ. The descendants of James Reddy Clendon have been researched by Philippa Holmes. James Reddy Clendon was a New Zealand pioneer. He was the first US consul to New Zealand. In February 1840 he was a signatory to the Treaty of Waitangi as a witness to Chief Pomare. He sold land at Okiata (Russel) to the British government who planned to build the capital city on it. For a full account of his life see "The Clendons".

He was married to Sarah Isabella HILL on 2 Oct 1826 in St. Phillips Sydney NSW Australia. Sarah Isabella HILL (photo) was born in 1804/5. She died on 11 Aug 1855 in Russell, NZ. James Reddy CLENDON and Sarah Isabella HILL had the following children:

child+31 i. James Stephenson CLENDON.
child+32 ii. Eliza Chitty CLENDON.
child+33 iii. Ellen Frances (Fanny) CLENDON.
child34 iv. Mary Parson CLENDON was born on 11 Sep 1834 in Sydney, NSW, Aust.. She died on 22 Sep 1848 in Memorial South-head Cemetery, Sydney.
child35 v. Sarah Ann CLENDON was born on 5 May 1837 in Okiato, NZ. She was born on 5 May 1837 in Okiato, NZ.
child+36 vi. Kate Erridge CLENDON.

He was married to Jane Takotowi COCHRANE (daughter of Dennis Brown COCHRANE and Takotowi TEWHATA) on 9 Jan 1856. Jane Takotowi COCHRANE (photo) was born on 28 Jul 1838 in Rahu-Rahu Hokianga, New Zealand. She died on 21 May 1919 in Rawene, Hokianga, NZ. She was also known as Princess Takotawi Te Whata and also Mihi Kererene. When aged 18 Jane married the 55 year old widowed James. She was a cousin of the Chiefs Patuone and Tamati Waka Nene with an ancestory on her mothers side going back to "Kupe". Her father was an Irish settler. In 1974 her house at Rawene "Clendon House" was bought by the NZ Historic Places Trust. It is now open as a museum. James Reddy CLENDON and Jane Takotowi COCHRANE had the following children:

child+37 i. George Thomas CLENDON.
child38 ii. Jane CLENDON was born on 21 Jul 1858. She died on 6 Oct 1912.
child39 iii. Edith Julia CLENDON was born on 20 Jul 1860. She died on 25 Jul 1877.
child40 iv. William Frederick Ngarapo CLENDON was born on 18 Oct 1862. He died on 12 Mar 1895. No issue
child+41 v. Marian Takotowi CLENDON.
child+42 vi. Clara Emily CLENDON.
child+43 vii. Frances Louisa CLENDON.
child+44 viii. John Chitty CLENDON.

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